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Get personalized book recommendations, picked just for you. Your very own Book Specialist help you discover something new, or outside your comfort zone, while still matching your tastes. Sign up for only $3 per month and cancel anytime.

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Gift Subscription

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Give the gift of great reads! 

Purchase this gift subscription for friends or family and they will receive a personalized book recommendation every month. 

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What kind of books will you suggest?

We recommend books from every genre, from Historical Fiction to Fantasy to Biography. We have new releases, classics, books in a series, and debut novels. It all depends on the tastes of your reader. 

How do you come up with the recommendations?

First we take the time to get to know the reader through a personalized book profile. We get to know what aspects of books they like and don't like. Then, a personal Book Specialist will continually curate a collection of books tailored just for them. 

How will my reader receive the gift?

Your gift will be delivered via a personalized and beautifully styled email on the date of your choosing. Before we send your gift, we'll contact you with a preview and confirm any final details.

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